Soldering DC Connector on the SMR4 Mk II

Having a problem with this. The back leg of the DC connector seems to big for the hole in the circuit board. Is this a fault with board or am I missing something? Any help gratefully received.

i used some small cutters to carefully modify the leg so it fit…

I had that idea too - but just needed to check that I wasn’t missing something obvious! Thanks for the response dasnut.

Earlier filter boards used small holes that only the “cliff” DC socket fits. The later boards have nice big round holes which fit the more commonly available sockets (which are actually designed for soldering to wires as well as PCBs it seems.

There is a bad part number circulating the BOMs in the wiki for the DC jacks, dont ever take those at face value, they have all sorts of mistakes. I just use a file to get them down to size