Solder Fume Extractor

Eurorack Ventilenti Thingie

Nice one, if he added some more pieces of wood he could build a fan-blown flute…

This could explain why I’ve been getting sick since starting this hobby. This is gonna be priority number one after the move. Any other health and safety tips?

1. Don’t inhale.
2. Always wash your hands after touching the solder, even if you’re going back to soldering in a second(just going to the toilet, getting coffee or whatever).
3. Wear a condom at all times and:
4. Don’t forget to wrap it up :wink:

I don’t want to make any statements about long term health effects, but each and every time I build a bass I have a week or so with breathing problems from the wood dust (sawing and sanding) - even when using a respiratory mask. Building three or four PCB’ss in a week, and sitting a lot closer in than I should due to my wonderful eyesight, I don’t have that kind of issues from soldering.

wood dust is very dangerous and highly cancerogeneous. You really have to be careful with that. Solder fumes can cause hypersensibilisation allergy, but it’s rare and you need to be exposed to them a lot. But still, having some good ventilation won’t hurt! You never know.