SOLD US - Shruthi-1 Midnight Edition


I have a shruthi-1 midnight edition from the special release in late 2013. I’m just not using it enough and it’s a shame. I’d rather see it go to someone who will make good use of it. I soldered and built it myself, and I’m quite proud of the build. It went smoothly, and everything works 100%. For USA buyers, I’ll also include a power adapter. I’m asking $320 for this cool little synth. Not interested in trades at the moment. Thanks for looking.


Bump. I should mention that price is negotiable (within reason, this is a pretty rare kit).



Anyone? Any offers? This forum moves pretty slowly these days, it seems.


It’s certainly quieter than it was in the DIY days.


Since I can’t figure out how to update the original post, I’m going to reply/bump and announce a price drop. New price for this is $270, or reasonable offer. Thanks for looking.


The shruthi-1 has sold. This thread can be closed (if anyone is watching).