SOLD! - MI Sheep

Happy New year!
I sell some modules :

  • MI Sheep factory build by mutable instruments with original panel - 180€
    like new, some rack rash

Located in France
Shipping is 15€ to EU with tracking and insurance
Paypal add 3% or Friends and family.
No trade


Hermod sold.

Ornament and Crime sold.


Interested in this, not sure how to get in touch here though ( new member). If you’re on muffs you can drop me a line, same user name. Cheers. K

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Was that panel done by Émilie/Papernoise and when was the Sheep made by MI? I’ve never heard of a factory build and it’s not under their discontinued modules.

Hi Aston1238, yes this is the panel designed by Émilie/Hannes, a small factory batch was made at that time, and this is one of them. I’ll try to find the topic about it on mutable forum.

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Hi ketlie my username on muff is also karim, you can contact me here or on muff or modulargrid here :

I found it, this post

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Interesting, pretty cool little collectible then!

It’s only a Tides (mkI) with a different faceplate and firmware, so it’s not listed as a separate product on the Mutable Instruments site. I had 50 panels made in total, 25 sold as panels on the (deceased) MI online shop, 25 directly assembled on some boards from the second batch of Tides.


Sheep sold! Thanks.