Software controller for AMBIKA- first Video out

Hi all,
i had some requests about a Software controller for AMBIKA. Yesterday i start with the basic Functions of AMBIKA.
What is in plan ?, what i will done ?.
First , a simple controller , only with the basic synthesis functions ( without the MOD matrix) comes4all4free.)
Second, a commercial controller comes with the following features.
1:)Complete synthesis include the MODULATIONS MATRIX
2:) randomize for all Parameters , you can choose single knobs or group of knobs (or all knops) by switching RND direct on the knop on/off.
So you have the choice to randomize for example only the envelopes or the oscillators. It depends on you what Parameters use RND.
This works , i have made a test yesterday
3:) It is possible to set the controller to one of six different MIDI output channels. So it is possible in AMBIKA MULTI MODE to control each part.
4:) all parameters with numeric values, identically to the AMBIKA Values.
5:) Step sequencer. I am not sure if i get access to the inbuild Stepper From AMBIKA. For this i must make some more test.
Ohh this damn’d NRPN’S…
But i will build in six Stepper with six MIDI outputs. So you can easy prog six sequences , for each Voice one.
6:) EFFECTS, i can , like in the Shruthi controller, build in additional audio effects . The question is , should i do it or not ?
This is in the moment the plan, but i build it for this community. So suggestions are helpful because in the end YOU will work with it.
So let us discuss what we can do.
Than i need 2 Betatester ( WINDOWS only) . Feel free to contact me. GUI designer are also welcome.
If the 4free version is ready i will make a download link direct here in the MI Forum
One word to the SP-Filter for Shruthi.
SP-Filter is also ready for developing the PCB , but true, after six month of solder works i need to do some other projects to get the head free.
But i work parallel on this Filter PCB again.
OK that is it at first. More next.



Sounds good! Are you planning to create the Ambika editor using Ctrlr? Doing it this way would allow the creation of a cross-platform standalone editor and Mac/PC VST/AU plugin versions , too.


Ah, I just saw ‘Windows only’. That’s a real shame, when there are cross-platform solutions available…


Not sure if Ctrl based editors can be commercialized as easily as stand-alone solutions?

Hey there is a tool from M-audio than can import Windows VST. V-Machine i think.
I will test if it it works.

I have take a look to the Ctrl editor. Very interesting, but at first not usable for me. Maybe later.
I have take a long time to figure out how it works with my tools. So this is faster 4me.

Ctrlr can be used to make standalone editors and VST/AU plugins, and the license does allow these to be sold, I think.

I bought a very comprehensive Ctrlr editor for my Microwave XT, and the same developer had also made similar commercial products for the Blofelt, Microwave 1 and Rocket.

The documentation for Ctrlr is getting better, by the looks of things. The only downside for me is that it required some knowledge of Lua, and I’m a little reluctant to dive into yet another scripting language. If it had been scriptable using JavaScript, I’d have dived in and created editors for all my hardware ages ago. The decision to use Lua as the scripting language seems like an odd one, given it’s a relatively obscure language, but I’m sure the developer had good reasons for making that choice.


News: today i have made the Oscillator , Mixer and VCF ready to run. Next week the LFO’s and ADSR’s and the MOD-Matrix.


Thank you for doing this @tubeohm ! Though I too would long for a cross-platform solution.

The Ctrlr-based editors that are for sale are here , just FYI.

And there’s always Max (but I’m partial to that one). :wink:

Hi, but i must complete be familiar with it. Ambika is also very complex. And this takes minimum 2…3 month time.
In the meantime i have now build in my controller the complete MOD matrix and the Envelopes.
So the basic functions are nearly ready. CC is like ever not the problem.But there is no description how i configure the NRPN parameters.
But i am work also with the CTRL controller to look what i can do. Maybe later i will do it all in CTRL.

OK, yesterday i prog all parameters. Today i begin with the GUI. Here is the first beta Screenshot.
Not complete but good enough for a first preview.
A can also automate the inbuild step sequencer, but automate the global parameters like BPM… is not possible with NRPN’s . I have ask Olivier yesterday a lot.
Missing in the GUI:
LFO 3 and some other parameters.
Step Sequencer - BTW i will build in 6 for control AMBIKAS voice.
Randomizer Function
Load/Save a Patch/Bank
Maybe i will change the color
Comments are welcome.
PS: I will test if it is also possible on MAC.


Looks exciting!
Will you be setting up the voice mapping page too or is this not possible? I have to use that page quite often on the ambika.

Hi, voice mapping is a global parameter and not to control. Sorry.
V0.11 here
Think it looks better. But only 20 % of GUI work is done


@tubeohm Have you looked into the Juce C++ cross-platform utility library? That might be an easier route than Ctrlr, if you wanted to make an editor that also works on Macs.

Just a thought.


Hi, step by step. First i make the Win controller with some features that is not possible in Ctlr , for example six step sequencer. ( You can’t prog effects or stepper.)
The basics in the CTRL editor i have understand but now i need to go deeper into it.
The GUI i can use in the Crtl editor too.
( And the SP filter for SHRUTHI/AMBIKA is also in works )
I , for my own first will have a nice clear tool to prog AMBIKA.
What you see is maybe 20 % ready. The special is the random function for all selected Knobs.
But this is not build in the GUI yet.
You can select all, or 2 or a group from Knobs and with a click you can randomize .
This is for easy sound design and i am very curios how it sounds.
BTW, i will implement 6 MIDI channels , so you can switch in Multi Mode from one Voice to the next and adjust it.
It is a standalone Editor and also a VST for Cubase , Reaper, Ableton and FL… ( All should work except the neg Values in ABLETON !)
Roadmap: all 128 ( and some more) Midi Controller NRPN work. Random works also.
Nearly all functions for Ambika i can control, also the in-build Stepper But some Global Parameter
Have no NRPN’S. I have ask Olivier.

Latest Version preview here.


And here the first screen for the inbuild Stepper/ARP


Here some gameplay with other colors.
Hihi, like ever, the colors…

Aren’t the bidirectional arrows for pitchbend and the up arrow for modulation switched around?
Looks nice though! Especially in JP-8080 blue :slight_smile:

Looks great!
Now… who’s up for making a Ctrlr version?