So who's up for a big sadomasochistic analog drum machine build?


This is Substyler’s project from the x0x forums… I’m thinking about getting some boards made but I need to get them in multiples of 3 so I need some ppl to sign on first. They wont be cheap, expect ~$150 for the mainboard (maybe less if I can get it up to 150 sq in) and B707 boards are $30 each last I checked.

I’m in!

You’re a sadist, for sure ! This now while i am broke - i am saving my money for an LXR. But this bitch of a thingie is tempting, too !

If i understand it right he used to have kits with PCB’s and rare parts for 65 euro… and if i’m correct he’s working on a new version which should be available in not so long a time… So why not wait a bit.

i didn’t know it was 65 euro, i thought it was way more than that. he just released the pcb files as open source so i figured id do a diy set

+1 what shifter said

It says here
I’m suprised he sold out two batches of this thing and it didn’t even pop up at this forum…
Oh and by the way,… WTPA2 seems to be coming out this autumn.

I didn’t realise they’d gone on sale.


I lost track of that project also

WRT WTPA: You’re forgetting that’s according to the TB Calender

I just got the gerbers quoted at OSH park and 3 off is $125 each, 10 off is $75 each. So it doesn’t even make sense unless I get 8 more ppl…

I have major MFB Tanzbär lust going on at the moment. I need to demo one (should be able to in Sept. locally), but it seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. Also, since I traded my Machinedrum and Airbase, I’m drum machine-less. This situation needs to be remedied.

Considering an LXR+an Analog compliment. The MFB is an expensive choice, but it might just be worth the price tag (for whatever reason, it’s cheaper to import it to America than to buy it in the EU, but, still. It better be great for 750 euro…)

I would join this list not before the end of the year, as i need to collect some bucks first.

Would love one of these, but just thinking of all the wiring gives me nightmares. :confused:

This may be a great alternative to the MB-808 that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Seriously. I love the idea, but jesus, man…

I’m going to do some more research on your proposal here, and I’ll get back to you.

incredible, what else is out there undetected?
right now i lack the bux too but in general i’d be interested, although i’ve built most of hexinverter’s modules by now, the HH and Cowbell are on the way too and who knows what else may be coming from him. but still, this is compact and has also the 606 cymbals & co