So... What's next?

The Shruthi-1 is looking brilliant, Olivier! And from what I’ve seen from how quickly you work, I half expect you to be shipping the first batch and turning your attention to the next project next week :slight_smile:

Any idea what that project might be? There have been mentions in various threads about the possibility of a polyphonic synth, or a rythm synth. Perhaps some plug-in units for the HACKME ports?

I can imagine eventually (if you have the time and interest to design them) having a whole studio powered by mutable instruments gear - mixers, samplers, effects units… Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now I’m just curious as to what might interest you next.

My interest at the moment is to complete the Shruthi-1 project. This means:

  • Implementing a last bunch of firmware features (though those ones are not essential)
  • Ordering the final revisions of the boards, ordering the parts from the supplier I am going to use for the kit, and assemble a proto to check that everything is OK. Prepare “beta” kits.
  • Building a patch library, and have a look at some integration with open-source patch editing/management programs
  • Testing, testing, testing! I don’t want something like the Shruti-1 optocoupler problem to happen. Also, I want to hear about as many firmware problems as possible before shipping anything.
  • Writing documentation, assembly instructions. Writing something about the steps I went through to design the filter and pick the components values.

And then:

  • Continue working on the SSM2044 + SSM2164 board.
  • Putting parts in bags and printing addresses.
  • Support!

I don’t think I won’t be able to start anything new before a couple of months. There’s another thing on my plate too: a module with the Shruthi-1 digital oscillator section. Shouldn’t be overtly difficult, but will require some time too.

Next big project? I don’t know… I like the idea of the sequencer but it will require quite some thinking to find a new, interesting concept. Or a drum synth… Or just spending some time learning new techniques (SMT) and architectures (ARM)… And what about some vacations :smiley: ?

And of course, firmware v0.58 for the Shruti, and the firmware customization tool!

Hehe, so it sounds like you won’t know until you know :slight_smile: A sequencer would be cool. A drum synth would be REALLY cool. I sort of assumed that a drum synth would include some form of sequencer, but I guess if you built a sequencer seperately (one that could drive the Shrut(h)i as well as a drum synth) then it’d make the drum synth itself simpler and (maybe?) cheaper.


Also, I agree that you’re going to need and deserve a vacation once the Shruthi is done :slight_smile:

SMT as in “Surface mount technology”. AVR chips are fun to work with, but having a faster, more powerful mcu with more storage would be good, and the cool chips are no longer in DIP packages. Also, this would be cool if the “boring” boards (say top board in the Shruthi-1) could be pre-assembled - and places that do SMT assembly are easier to find than through-hole assembly.