So what did you all get for Christmas?

I didn’t get anything musical (except for one CD) but I bought myself a Groovesizer MB2 :slight_smile:
What did Santa/Kristkindl bring you this year?

A Koma Elektronik SVF201, a big mug of Wassail and a hot kiss. Don’t need anything else :slight_smile: Gave the kisser a platinum ring which she liked.

My wife loves and knows me:

i got sheep! :slight_smile:

All I got was sheep too.

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I got Phenol but I’ll have to wait for summer

@t2k… That’s really nice!

jojjelito: I envy you!t2k: you have a wonderful person at your side!
mic.wsammy123 sheep was a great present indeed, owning a braids though, I’ll stick with the standard FW for now
@Bjarne: coool!

@rumpelfilter: Naah, just a good Christmas with someone special :slight_smile: To paraphrase this old 80s song: I could buy her 10 real diamond rings but I am sure that she would want another.

We’re out in the country so no fun with the Koma SVF until Tuesday or something. I just have to rough it :smiley:

@rumpelfilter: me, i prefer the tides/sheep hardware over braids because it has more cv inputs. tides’s waveshaping and built-in vca are great additions to braids’s wt thing. plus, tides/sheep can go really really slow. so i’m glad that i have two: one for tides and one for sheep.

i’m hoping that you’ll design a nice faceplate for sheep. it deserves one imo.

I don’t want to get involved with stuff that really isn’t my business, but please keep in mind that his faceplate design work is his day job, and that the decision to do a custom faceplate or not is more likely up to the client.

yes I guess it’s Olivier’s call, but it could be an idea to provide an alternate faceplate

@t2k: sure, but i feel the world in general and hannes and olivier in particular should know that i’d much rather get a papernoise-designed sheep faceplate from mutable instruments than a grayscale-designed one from hexinverter.

olivier said that there might be one, if there is demand. as far as i’m concerned, demand is there. :slight_smile:

Sure, just wanted to mention you should probably ask Olivier instead of @rumpelfilter.

i was. :slight_smile: does not design the grayscale panels, but I do design the ones :slight_smile:
but yeah, better ask Olivier about the Sheep panel

oh, i wasn’t aware those grayscale panels are designed by you, too!
so i guess i can be pretty sure i’ll end up with a papernoise-designed panel.
still, i’d prefer one from m.i. :slight_smile:

[edit: wait what? seems that we misread each other - i never said that hexinverter designs grayscale panels, and apparently you didn’t say that you do, either. oh well, nevermind. an official m.i. sheep panel is all i’m asking for…]

@mic.w: then I have misread this sentence: "a grayscale-designed one from hexinverter"
Anyway, I guesss that if there’s enough people interested a Sheep panel could become reality

what i meant was ‘a panel designed by grayscale and sold by hexinverter’ (that’s where i thought i had bought my grayscale stuff - but i may have mixed that up, he only seems to be selling his own stuff right now) as opposed to ‘designed by you and sold by olivier’…

anyway, expressing my interest is what i was all about, and i’m pretty sure that point has come across by now.

@mic.w: got it now! anyway, yes I’m sure your point has come across! :slight_smile:
now let’s wait for Olivier to reply