So I Had a Stupid Idea

Like most of my stupid ideas, this one also comes in layers, haha.
Layer 1:
This time I was wondering about how feasible it would be to mod in a “filter cartridge port” so that one could leave a dedicated filter in and switch-out a spare filter easily. Without opening the case and undoing screws, ect. Of course, this would not allow serial or parallel filter processing because the cartridge would have to break and take the digital connections from the main filter board. Oh, and also take the external signal and route it through the new filter then pop that signal back to the output port. Then this idea lead to layer 2…
Layer 2:
Why not make a digital cartridge for dedicated kinds of oscillators? This one is just absurd to implement as it would most likely require its own processor, and parallel processor are not fun to deal with - especially the added heat. The only decent ideas I had were a .WAV to wavetable converter oscillator and one that would read .txt files for the oscillators heuristic - for trying out custom oscillator maths without having to put custom firmware onto the Shruthi-1. This lead to the last layer…
Layer 3:
Since the second cartridge would be in the digital domain, there could be all kinds of possibilities. The most obvious one to me was a dedicated Shruthi to CV converter for Eurorack equipment. It would have a dedicated Gate and V/Oct out, and 4 or 6 other outputs. Probably just the two envelopes and LFOs. However, it would also be great to have access to OP1 and OP2. There would really be no need to accept input from Eurorack via this cartridge. The advantage to this would be more space in a small Eurorack system for more oscillators and filters. With the Shruthi handling the Midi to CV as well as the envelops and LFOs, a small Euro system would only need 2+ Osc, 1+ filter, 1 attenuverter, 1 multi module, and 1 amplifier.

Well, this was just today’s silly idea. Since it had to do with the Shruthi, I decided to post it.

If you want a MI Eurorack Oscillator buy a Braids. Buy 2. It does every Oscillator you ever wanted + a little more.

If you want a MI Eurorack Filter buy a Ripples.

There are zillions of more interesting Eurorack LFos and Envelopes than the stock Shruthi ones Without any offense! For a Small Mono Synth they are perfect, and especially the Shruhtis LFOs are way more sophisticated than in most Synths, but Eurorack is all about picking the Components that dont limit you in any way. And personally i wouldnt buy any Module that doesnt accept any CV Input. As it has been discussed before Shruthis Update Rates to CV are a bit low for Modular Needs, so a Converter wouldnt make much sense (else i would have already done one…).
One word about stuffing most into your Rackspace: hard thing about Eurorack is admitting it wont be a “small” setup thus you are always short on Rackspace.

+1. If you want to do something modular, there’s little value in reinventing your own standard. For small, live-friendly and diverse (as in, not stuck in canons established in the 50s), Eurorack is the standard.

I am still more interested in the filter cartridge modification. I would really like to do a mod like this on a future Shruthi if possible. Less stuff to worry about messing up once it was installed. It would also make it very easy to create new filter board prototypes.
The other two just kind of came about from thinking.
The Eurorack translator part was thought up to be a simple MIDI converter for a 3U case. I am not so sure how nifty inputs would be. As mentioned, there would probably be a second processor on this thing, so it could “smooth out” the signal after directly ripping them from the digital signal path. Also, what other kinds of hardware synths have a nifty Operator section like the Shruthi? I would like to have more of them with that feature.
I also wasn’t being that imaginative with the oscillator extender. Really just another tool to make doing the advanced operations a bit more accessible. I would like to implement a few other OSC modes like the /\\|\\|_ mode on the Braids or more easy create 128*16 sample wavetables.
Is there a tool that can take a single cycle and chop it up into 128 samples without much mucking about? I can always get close - 121 samples or so, but never the exact 128 with my audio editor of choice. Just a bit annoying.

Yes, I have been looking into Eurorack. I have been avoiding it because I did not think about the cost of converters for standard studio equipment to the Eurorack voltage. I’ll probably have to make my own as I don’t want to shell out 50 - 100 dollars for just one converter. I’d need a whole 3U case full of converters before I could really take advantage of the possibilities. That isn’t even considering envelope trackers/followers. I still have a bit to do before I would be happy with a converter that I would build.

What converters? My Modular connects to my Mixer via a Standard 3,5mm > 6.3mm cable…

From -5V to-12V upward conversion. So I could process my regular synthesizers with a modular in a similar fashion as I do with my rack gear. Or vice versa for sending a Euro signal to a modulated delay and back. Oh, and I have a fair deal of synths with individual outputs on them, so no praphoinic processing if possible. Once I step into the Eurorack thing, I will be drowning in wires. If you tell me that it is possible to do all of that without the up/down converters… well… there goes all of my money forever. :o
I am certain that conversion is necessary to avoid frying non-eurorack equipment though.

For stepping down from superhot Eurorack Modules to whimsy Soundcard level all you need is a passive attenuator made from a simple 10K Pot and 2 Jacks. My Mixer (ancient MX-8000 or RX 1602) can do without clipping…

For injectong Signals into Eurorack… well i never tried but i guess any VCA with Gain should do the Trick if your input is not hot enough.

Generall observation is, that “modern” Modulars tend to use lower levels - Ripples output is fairly low compared to DOEPFER Stuff. Thankfully.

BTW, most Eurorack Equipment will not reach ±12V as the cheapo OpAmps used in your Boutique Modules have some headroom, so they barely reach ± 9,5V without crashing to the rails - its hard to achieve ±10V with a TL 07x as i can tell from experience. These ± 12V is only the supply voltage.

Yes, those were my thoughts as well, but it seems that using Unity Gain Buffers would be a safer bet. Just to be sure.
The other circuits I looked into were some envelope followers/trackers. It would make sense to incorporate this to send a Gate signal as well as a CV from one converted signal. The last circuit I would like to implement could spit out a V/Oct CV using an envelope follower measuring the volume of the signal after passing though a static hipass filter with a V/Oct slope. That however, seems to be a bit unstable.
My converter would have a 6.3 mm in that converts to 3.5mm out. And then the Gate out, envelope tracker CV out, and the estimated V/Oct CV out. It would be great to also incorporate a Eurorack down stepper into this module. The real issue with this seems to be the depth necessary to pull it all together. If I could figure out some smaller circuit configurations, I would be set. It would be perfect for this to only take up 8 - 12 HP.

I dont get what you want with these converters… trigger something? Just plug it in, most modern modules will trigger at approx 2V, only ancient overtraditional ±15V 5U Modules will need more…
Sure you could buffer every single signal but you arent having sex with a plastic doll wearing a condom, dont you?

2 condoms, in case 1 breaks!

And just to be prudent - only CyberSex. Could be a bit of a boring conversation but what do you do to be safe? Compare that tiny small effort to what the whole Nations do…

Speaking of the “double condom trick”, what about sending the output of the Anushri twice to an A-138. Another option: 1 Shades module (released in december). Use channel 1 and 2 to get a gain of 2, use channel 3 as an attenuator to send LOUD oscillator signals to the Anushri input.

Well, maybe this module is unnecessary. Just as a last question, a module like the Pittsburgh Modular InOut serves no actual purpose? I thought it was like an effects loop for your modular necessary to convert the signals properly with limited degradation.

It serves mainly the Purpose getting your 90$. But dont trust me, go ahead and buy one… or anyone else hanging around here having actually hooked their modular to something without such a Module.
Which brings me to the idea to sell insurances for misplugged modules :wink:

Haha, good luck with that. I personally thought such similar modules were also overpriced. I was drumming up a cheaper and more flexible solution, but there seems to be no interest. That would be a waste of my time. Well, to mass produce anyway.