So I got another Mirage, but this time I'm going to change it

problem putting the 3328 in an sq80 is the 3328 is just a filter ic and not a voice chip

the 3372 of the sq80 are voice chips a they have a filter core a vca and an built in cem3360 dual vca for panning

so you would need to add 3 vca and a load of buffers the cem3328 is a nice filter the implementation on the mirage is crap as it has a a res input with a inbuilt compensation circuit by adding the input to the res to - input it stops the large drop of volume when at high res

but on the mirage the - input is used for the sample and hold analog audio input and the + input is only used on one filter for the anti-aliasing filter

also on the sq80 there is a final vca which all inputs art summed to a cem3360 for the stereo output which is controlled with the main slider

the mirage uses a compounder chip and the vca is done by opamps and the envelopes are digital they are controlled by the 6809e processor and a 5vdc dac and a 4051 sample and holds

the docII chip and other ensoniq chips are used in some arcade machines and mane have emulated them and some of the ssm and cem filter chips

rainer was working on a fpga emulation asic design that allowed a faster processor

the docII chip is a nco type osc with a phase accumulator it has some special functions its also possible to have 4 channels the sq80 and esq1 only use 3 as the last 8 channels are use for switching the rom banks

on the mirage it does use 4 osc but it splits it into an upper and lower set and the second osc is used just for the loop portion the soundprocess os allows 4 and does some many switching type algos and it uses 256 samples which is great as thats the max for the 8bit processor so it does page looping of 256

what i like about it is the sync and the am modulation which is not used in the mirage

the doc can only sync to the first osc from second but if 4 layer osc is used its possible to have the 4th to the 3rd

i use a xp program to dump to the mirage and it has wav load feature

i also have a large image collection that i put up on my drop box