So I bought a fake Grids

I only buy original Mutable Instruments modules (Monsoon being an exception).

Today I received Grids from a seller on Modulargrid and it turns out to be a DIY copy that uses the exact MI panel design, albeit badly printed on a grey-lacquered panel.

I didn’t know there were unethical builders who do that. What a shame!
Until I get a response from the seller I’ll assume he didn’t know it was a fake Grids, even though I spotted it immediately upon opening the package…

Has anyone else experienced this with MI clones?

Or has there ever been a batch if Grids with badly printed panels and black PCBs? I cannot imgaine.

I confirm it’s a fake.

The hex nuts and red LEDs are a giveaway, too!


Thanks Émilie, it’s 100% clear now.

Well, I hope that it works correctly, at least, but I’ll keep looking for an original and then sell this as a clearly described DIY version.

Bummer! I had no idea people were doing counterfeit front panels. I hope you find your genuine one at an extra great price :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Bummer indeed…

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I’m also very curious about the knobs since this is certainly not a standard color you can order from Rogan. I have sold a small stock of them to Thonk but they have not been listed on their store yet!

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Interesting. This is becoming some sort of mystery and I like it.

Unfortunately the person who sold this to me says I’m out to scam him with my weird story of a “fake” module.

He hasn’t responded anymore since I described to him all the aspects that clearly show this is not an original.
That makes it more difficult to trace this Grids back to its origins, but I will keep investigating.

you could share some Information regarding the sellers account to see what’s coming next etc.

a few years back I’ve met a person (Modular trade) which has brought up an exact copy of a Mutable Instruments Braids, manufactured by a local laser cutting company, it was also printed there.

the “German” quality was above all standards but that was a sample with best results etc and it would cost him 18€ each to manufacture with low res coloring…

this guy was stocked with chips and diy essentials and had a very chaotic past (~55 years old) living in some abandoned looking house…I’ve traded my modules and never looked back, obviously sold all of them pretty fast (Behringer Roland clones)

at this time he was talking about copying Mutable Instruments modules 2x (Braids) with that “fake” panel and referring to “boy, do you know what that means…”original” mutable modules for 50€ etc etc…but he described himself as someone who’s in a learning process with electronics and pcb components soldering, at this time he wouldn’t know how to solder all of that but everything was there…so normally after some time someone can do such things and he may thought I’ll wait until mutable is closing down.

maybe it’s exactly this guy who’s manufacturing and selling these now, which is a no no. :cloud_with_rain:

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The real grids of course also has 3 teal knobs instead of 2 on the fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if these custom knobs were just pulled off of a real mutable module, for example from someone who moved to all white to match the newer aesthetic.

Yes, that’s what I think, too. Just as I replaced the knobs on my Clouds for white ones.
These may be the only original parts on my Grids. :slight_smile:

That is an interesting story!

I have a feeling that “my seller” did not build this and really only sold this single module.
I’m not sure if it makes sense to officially reveal his name, address, Instagram, etc. and put him on a blacklist. It’s probably just someone who didn’t know he made a mistake, and now that I called him out for it, he doesn’t know how to handle the situation properly.
I can reveal, though, that he lives in the Netherlands and is younger than 55 years.

And if he was aware of it all… well, Karma will take care of it. :slight_smile:

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indeed :sun_with_face:

I’ve got a bag of Rogan knobs in Mutable colors that I pulled off all my modules. Does this mean there is some secret black market where I can unload these for some big bucks? :rofl:

For real though, this seems like a really silly scam. To go through the trouble of making a fake of something in such a niche market, it seems like there are much easier ways to make a little money, especially if you have no ethics.

I can only guess someone made this for their own personal use and it got passed through a few hands, loosing its provenance.

Anyways, if you want a green knob, I have some extras :+1:


I would love the blue and yellow versions. I can tell those apart. the green and red ones look the similar.