So, finally got the Anushri built

For someone who has about 17 AC adapters for various instruments, modules, interfaces, etc., I realized too late in the night that NONE OF THEM are going to work.

Oooh! This one is 9V…but doesn’t have positive polarity symbol!

Ah, this will work…nope, barrel is too big. Or too short. Stupid forced interoperability!

So, I must deal with this maddening state of affairs until tomorrow morning.

Just cut the wires of the connector and resolder the wires in reverse… But check it with you multimeter first before using.

Hey RyanA4, sorry 'bouts that. Was so busy with builds I forgot to mention the power supply. If you have a 9VDC power supply that’s at least 300mA with a connector that fits the Anushri but is the wrong polarity, all you will need is this Guitar Center and Sam Ash usually have them in stock at their stores. Otherwise, I’d suggest this. I have 3 of em and they work great for powering a bunch of stuff.

I second Shiftr. Take a 9v negative, cut and reverse the wires. Voila! Positive.

@qp +1 for the 1 spot ( with polarity reversers). some people say they are noisy , I have not had that problem.