So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


I posted this on muff

Assuming I resume work on it and finish in Jan and Feb, there are 2 or 3 months for testing, 2 or 3 for pre-production run, 3 for fcc/ce, 2 or 3 for mass production.

Releasing an original module is more complicated than cloning a « proven » design…


Thanks for the reply - I’m curious to know why you might not resume work on it (and how likely that is!)?


Because I have other things to do. It’s not that I will ditch the module, I might just get back to it… later.


It’s all good - I just wanted a bit of clarity, as your post was a little cryptic; if you were leaning towards not releasing a new model, then I’d happily buy a MK1 instead, as I’ve never owned one (I’m only recently into Eurorack, and thought it sensible to wait for the revised module). But I’ve got plenty of learning to do, so I’m happy to wait for however long it takes. Best Wishes, and Joyeux Noel!


If you have become interested in the things that Clouds do, I would advice to get one, without worrying about how close or far away a successor is.
Firstly, it’s a great module, that is both loved and discussed for it’s uniqueness. And the successor is not going to be a Clouds with slightly improved gain circuits and direct access to a few parameters, but likely a much different approach to the same core ideas. Just like Plaits is really not a Braids II.
Secondly, NOW is the time to get a Clouds if you want to watch all the tutorials and read all the forum posts you could dream about of tutorials and tips and tricks.


@bigmiff That’s the real answer. Don’t wait to enjoy clouds :slight_smile:


My number one reason to avoid MI clones: not one of them has shown any willingness to provide aftermarket support. If they did, they never end up here!


Good point! Fortunately there are lots of official clouds available used that are looking for a new home.