So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


I actually don’t believe this would be too difficult at all as a firmware mod if you can give up some other cv ins (say blow Param or timbre or something). I asked about something similar a while back and @pichenettes gave me the source code changes necessary.


My, propably very vague, point was more about whether or not such an hardware adaption could get resold as an derivative. And if that would be inside or outside the spirit of the MI license.

but yes! Its totally doable in the firmware, but I don’t want to give up any other CV:grinning: And it forces me to play with the instrument, which is itself a good design choice.


I’m a bit skeptical about discussions of the “spirit” of legal licenses. [insert “soulless lawyer” joke of your choice here.] Olivier generously licenses most of his hardware design files under CC BY-SA 3.0, which has very clear, well-defined boundaries which can be read about here:
The whole point of CC licenses is to offer creators a clear legal framework for selectively giving up rights to intellectual property. That is their “spirit”, and anything allowed by the license — including, in this case, commercial sale of adaptions of the designs, provided the changes are published under the same license — is within said “spirit” of the license. Whether such actions are considered by a community to be moral, ethical, acceptable etc. is a different matter, but that has nothing to do with the license itself.


The clones have their time and people make some money from them, but i see more important development in the long term. Having mutable algorithms in VCV rack for example is by itself amazing - Free platform for younger people, even kids, or people from third world, to learn and develop their imagination which ultimately leads to a lot more distant future evolution in music and sound design that we could actually forsee from now. That’s what makes the great idea of sharing open source codes.

I am not a programmer but a musician. I can see that dissapointment from not enough good mods/alt firmware as it was probably expected. But i see also the huge impact that Mutable is already having and will have in the future.


I have to confess I recently bought a microBurst, which I morally rationalized because Clouds was discontinued, so I wasn’t taking away a sale from MI. There were full size clones available but I opted for the micro format to save hp in my rack.
I had been wanting a Clouds for a while, and was really bummed when it was discontinued. For a while I thought “oh well I guess I’ll never get one” but ultimately the temptation was too great…


Hmmm, the problem with taking a purely legalistic view of open source hardware licensing is that, legally, most of such licensing is worthless, at least for electronic circuits, which aren’t copyrightable in most countries. The ability to assert and enforce copyright is, of course, the basis of open-source licensing. Specific PCB layouts are copyrightable, but not the underlying circuit. So unless the designer has a patent on the circuit, it’s effectively in the public domain and anyone can legally reverse engineer it is a re-implement it, in most countries. That doesn’t mean they should do that, and that’s where moral rights and the wishes of the creators come in. In fact, in the Creative Commons guidelines for users of CC-licensed works, it recommends that users should consult with and respect the wishes of the originators of a work, above and beyond the terms of the license, even though such wishes are not binding.


It just comes down to common decency which is why those guys dont see a cent from me for modules still in production that are just shrunk down a bit.


Gotta b Fake AF…


I think the attenuverter on the V/OCT is a giveaway…


Yeah, and that “Blend” pot is still there. That was one of the main reasons @pichenettes discontinued the original Clouds. I seriously doubt it would make a reappearance.


Well thats just a bit lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


And the unmarked Load/Save button just abandoned in the top right corner, as the unknown function that never got finished, but made it into the fab files.


“This module doesn’t exist and never will. Don’t put it in your rack.”


Especially since the PCB would have to badly intersect the rails, if we want the buttons to be placed so high on the panel.

The attenuverter on the V/O input is not that silly - remember that’s the only CV input to control pitch (transposition), so if you want slight pitch warble/modulation, you might want to attenuate an LFO or smooth random source patched there. If the attenuversion is done in the digital domain, there’s no incidence on calibration and tracking quality.


Oh @pichenettes – always thinking outside the box!
I’ll need to pretend that’s a detented pot then, or my head will explode.


Software attenuation. I think MI stopped using dented pots because the dents wasn’t reliable, and had to be dead banded anyway.


those little attenuators are such a great thing to have on the newer MI modules, love my tides 2 with em!
the original clouds would have benefitted from them too i guess, probably not enough panel space?


No clouds successor until end of 2019…:disappointed_relieved:


We can wait, it will be all the sweeter!


Link please?