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Shelves MK3 2018 stereo edition for most Shelvesnes


Stereo would be nice, perhaps, but to be honest, I’ve never felt a need for a stereo filter.
Maybe @pichenettes can think of something else to add to Shelves.


What about a filter module that integrates mid-side stereo signal processing in some novel fashion? Psycho-acoustical processing of audio signals, other than reverb, is somewhat under-explored in eurorack, maybe? Although a lot of the techniques require a lot of DSP, whereas this is clearly an analogue module (or at least an analogue signal path). Mid-side can be done with just analogue circuitry, though.


if you want a stereo filter, use two filter modules.
if you want a stereo filter and mid/side processing, use two filter modules and an lrmsmslr.
that‘s how modular synthesis works. :slight_smile:


Well, won’t that be a pretty limiting philosophy to modular? Streams, Batumi, Peaks, Veils, Shades, Quadra, Swt16, O&C are all modules which are great, because of them being multichannel.
Same with stereo linkable compressors, great to have the function, but also great as two single channels.


You’re suggesting that there is a prescribed level of granularity for modules?

Sorry, I don’t think anything is prescribed when it comes to modular synthesis. Not these days. Not even the use of voltage as the interface between modules, as we see MIDI, I2C and serial comms between modules beginning to be more widely supported as an adjunct to voltages.


prescribed? not at all. it’s just a question of practicality - and flexibility.

stereo filtering with mid/side processing seems like a good example: what benefits do you expect from a new highly integrated meta-module that squeezes two filters and mid/side decoding/encoding behind one panel, when an lrmsmslr already gives you the freedom to send its mid signal through, say, a ripples and its side signal through a doepfer wasp filter - and countless other possibilities?


Oh! Are we looking at a module that would update or replace streams functions? We’re talking about two channel dynamics processing? Or am I just thread jumbling again…

It would be wider than the original, but that’s why I’m thinking expanded functionality… possibly more than 2 channels? Some awesome blend of streams and frames? Some strange vc mixer/processor?


Interesting idea.

I’m guessing Streams multi-function paradigm makes it ripe for replacement. If it is replaced, it’s most likely in the form of a module expanding on one of the several functions of the existing version.

Maybe one of:

  • A combined VCA/Envelope/Filter
  • An extended compressor/expander/dynamics-processor
  • Some form of fancy standalone envelope-follower/gate-extractor thing


I’ve enjoyed re-watching this presentation Olivier, but I find myself wondering: if “Clouds 2” has been sleeping for 6-7 months, are you still excited by it?


I certainly want to release it to tame a bit the stream of µClones (which are not good products for the mere reason that they replicate all the flaws of the original…), and so that people can finally do granular things in their Mutable Instruments system with something that sounds and feels and looks “right” to me.

I’m also getting really tired of people asking me about a release date on a daily basis, as if it was the most important thing in the world to me, and I had a day-by-day military plan with all contingencies covered.

I absolutely hate the feeling of dramatic build-up, because it makes people believe I’m polishing and improving the thing daily, or changing the specs, or trying to digest and cover the bases covered by anything released in-between, from the Morphagene to the SSP. The truth is that this is going to be a small and “convex” module feature-wise, and that I haven’t really touched the code since May.

Also important:

  • This is not because I have my attention sucked by a more exciting module.
  • This is not because I am working on other non-eurorack, synth things.
  • This has little to do with the synth world (eg, I’m not giving up because Behringer is going to eat me alive ha ha ha).

Just that I need to focus on things that I deem more important at the moment.


As I said in another post, I’m ambivalent on the micro-ised Mutable clones that seem to be proliferating, from a usability point of view.

I do think that arguably, the whole MI clone modules ‘thing’ seems to have got a bit out-of-control.

Obviously, I can’t judge if this is having a negative effect on the bottom-line of your business, @pichenettes, but it’s notable that, here in the UK, at least, the number of non-original MI modules on eBay seems to be overtaking the number of original ones.

Currently most of these are small-scale DIY builds, but I’m seeing an increasing number of factory-made clones or MI derivative modules appearing.

I hope that companies like these guys don’t pose a real threat to he MI brand, and ultimately the business.


I’ve adopted what I call “the meteorite standard” to deal with waiting for things that are desired but aren’t life and death necessities:

As long as it it comes out before I get struck down by a meteorite then I’ll be more than grateful. As it seems that the odds of that are rather extraordinarily low, take your time and take care. :sunglasses:


I think that the biggest threat to MI, is for the user of a micro module to have a bad experience due to bad ergonomics and layout, but associate it with the original module and brand.


Yeah, selling clones of (or PCBs for) MI modules which Olivier still produces, even if they are micro versions, is going a bit far imho. If masochistic hobbyists (whip me, please!) want to have a go at building clones of current MI modules, then they can order PCBs for themselves from OSHpark or Seeed or similar, very easily.

Selling clones of discontinued MI modules, possibly even on a mass-produced basis, fine, no problem. Hi Herr Behringer!

But we digress…


The Uliments. Shitty pots, but a new all analog sound path designed by engineers who would rather still be building Midas mixers.


These prices…


You think they are high?


Yes, or im wrong?


Well, they should be high, if they’re paying a fair proportion of the price to both @pichenettes and Jakplug (who did the “u” layout of these modules).

I have a feeling that’s not happening, though.