So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


And a Prototype Veils, without the responsecurve.



@pichenettes: hello. is the content of this video on the same page as the conference you gave at nodes this year?


Yes, it’s shortened a bit though.


Gotta love a modular synth talk that manages to incorporate (and not just name-drop) Georges Perec, Ray Solomonoff and Umberto Eco. And yeah, “menu-diving”…when the menu is no deeper than a puddle in a pissoir.


Tides is a favorite of mine as well!


yes, ‘rings and tides’ is definitely the correct answer!
(and stiftung warentest ftw!)


The phrase “menu diving” drives me crazy too – I keep seeing people use it when referring to menus that are one level deep, or in interfaces that have no menu at all.

And honestly with some modules, more levels of menus would help. On Disting mk4 for instance, I think a categorized tree of modes would be much friendlier to navigate than a flat list.


Nice Glimpse!
So which input had to go?


I like (I imagine, havent actually tried it) the 2 finger matrix on 4ms and @mqtthiqs Tappographic delay. 4 levels deep, but seems so be super quick to navigate. And the menu graph directly on the front panel.


I don’t think it makes much difference, with the Disting. You need a reference sheet or the manual all the time, anyway.

What it really needs is a larger screen, then it could have a proper menu, and it could display some indication of that each input and output does.

But that would make it much larger.