So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Interesting. There is also a similar “mode” (?) option on the teaser shot from Oct 2015…also with blue/orange/pink icons.


Looks like it’s the same logo as clouds. So it’s probaly not a envelope.
Or am i seeing it wrong?

Edit: looking at it a again on a bigger screen it can also be something like woven strings


Yeah, the more and more I look at it, the more commonalities I’m seeing between this video and the Oct '15 teaser image.

  • 3 visible “mode” options (a la Rings) with a push button
  • Large LED push button (a la Elements/Clouds)
  • The shadow of a knob directly below the “mode” button
  • The shadow of another (larger?) knob directly to the right of the “mode” indicators

It also seems like a module that would be of similar size to something like Clouds. You can tell by the spacing between the mounting holes and the module’s icon along the top.

EDIT: Interesting graphics overlay at the 4:10 mark in the video. “Marbles”? Anyone care to decode the character patterns?



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EDIT: Should note that I have no idea when this image was first posted, so it may be a nothing…or it may be a something


tomtomtron here!

copied the pic from the comments of the “Successful board bring-up” video (Facebook)


Ah, haha. Thank you.

23 weeks ago…hmmmm. Didn’t realize that image was so old! Guess that explains the “redesign” that we see in the Lightbath video.



but looks like the same as Mr. Lightbath*s module, not?


FYI, not much has happened in terms of module design between winter 2016 and summer 2017.


So with that information it’s not marbles. Because of the knob positioning


I don’t get it :thinking: :rofl:


What im trying to say is:
It’s probally not the same module as marbles because of the knob and led placement. The facebook video shows us another led and knob placement as in the recent sneak view. The facebook video is from winter 2016.


Thanks for clarification. The Video is from 2 years ago. i think Olivier means with winter 2016 the end of 2016 and IMO the modules looks very the same. Also he mentioned that the module gone trough 6 hardware revisions.


Listening to the part of the video where Bryan says that Ripples is being modules to a new module to the right of Clouds, it sounds like cascading envelopes to me. So my bet is that the module in question is Cascades, and it does cascading envelopes. But the video clearly features quantised sequences from Plaits, so there must be a quantiser, or a quantised pitch CV generator there as well. Looms?


Everything I’m releasing in the first half of 2018 has been designed between September 2015 and February 2016.


Now I don’t know what’s more exciting…

That there are more modules potentially arriving by July or that there’s a possibility that more modules are going to be released in the later half of the year…



I remember seeing @pichenettes saying somewhere that he was working on releasing the next module before winter. I could be wrong though.


Over on Muffwiggler @pichenettes said one was coming in “a matter of weeks” shortly after Plaits was released. I’d link you, but the site is down :frowning:

If memory serves, after that there should be a third in a few months.

My guesses, if you’ll let me editorialize, (and these are hardly new guesses) are that the two modules will be a DSP module that is to Clouds what Plaits is to Braids, and that the other one will show us what Olivier has found to be “between an envelope generator and a sequencer”. In my head both of these are WILDLY exciting :grinning:


Hmmmmm. Perhaps the next module will drop along with the next batch of Plaits?

I suspect that would make the most logistical sense, shipping-wise…


Oh god no! I don’t even have space at the moment to store 500 modules. So the best strategy is to flush whatever I receive the same day it gets into my workshop.


So don’t expect to go round Olivier’s place, and find him crushed under a toppled-over wall of mystery Mutable modules.