So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Yes, but wrt to MPU horsepower, don’t forget that quad-channel is the new stereo in Eurorack…


Right, 2x the clock cycles for 2x the channels! It’s only a matter of time before someone makes a 4ch Clouds for nice end of chain quad reverb.

(please don’t)


Well, Plaits has been released so no need to discuss it here any further. However, in a video on Plaits by erstlaub (David Fyans), we can clearly see the right-hand edge of another new, unreleased Mutable module:

It is clearly an envelope generator, with LED slider pots for the duration of each segment - the LED in the slider seems to light while that segment is active. There would appear to be input jacks suggesting that external CV control is possible. Note also the output jack that is visible, labelled “6” (in Sanskrit/Marathi/Devanagri script). Is this a six channel envelope generator? Or is that a trigger output for segment 6 of the envelope?

Also buttons and multi-colour LEDs above each segment slider - to set the segment shape?

My guess is that this is Cascades, a chained envelope generator, possible with 6 envelopes that can be chained into more complex envelopes, or used separately.


is it really a 3 though?


It’s a Sanskrit/Marathi 3.


but is it really though?

spoiler alert, it’s a 6


Err, yeah, it’s a 6 (sorry, still on my first pot of tea on a Saturday morning here, brain not awake yet). Edited my post above accordingly…


It’s not Stages?

Or was that a red herring?

Edit: Also, didn’t that mystery module from the Facebook post also have 6 “outputs”? Hmm.


Yes, I think it might have previously been Stages. But the 6 output module on FB had all knobs, no sliders. I think it is something else again.


Olivier has posted on Facebook:

Now that you have witnessed the Braids -> Plaits transformation… Expect something similar for the other discontinued modules (Peaks and Clouds) before the end of the year.

I hope it’s easier for you now to understand why I have discontinued these modules.

So, my guess is Cascades, the Peaks replacement, with slider pots and maybe six channels, or six segments, will be next.


I hope so. I need some kind of envelop generator. I’ve been holding off for quite some times to get a quadra or anything else.


I dunno…6 identifiable “outputs”…with LED’s on the top left of the jacks that you can clearly see in that video…

If you pause that Plaits video ~1:18, you’ll see another two jacks stacked above “6” which are seemingly linked to something else …much like that teaser that Olivier posted in Oct '15. Quite possibly a redesign of the same module, but with sliders now.



I’d love to see a dedicated drum/percussion module, based on the Peaks drums, but extended in some new direction.

I suspect what we’re going to see is something that builds on some other aspect of Peaks, though. Maybe the envelopes, maybe the LFO functions.

The drum functions (while great) always seemed like a bit of an outlier, on that module, and arguably make more sense as part of Plaits.

Now they have been incorporated in Plaits, I don’t envisage them making an appearance in another module, even in expanded form.

I’d be happy to be proved wrong, mind you :slight_smile:


Re. a future Clouds replacement; Olivier has pretty-much discounted any further experiments with FFT/spectral FX, as far as I can tell, so maybe just something similar to the old Clouds, but with a clearer UI, with fewer/no mode settings, and more direct control.

Maybe he’ll add some extras like file-playback/granulation from SD card, as well as live input, taking it into similar territory to the Qu-Bit Nebulae.


you’ll all giggle a little when i wrote that i’m considering how to shuffle my setup to get Peaks back in specifically for the drums


i dont think its the teaser facebook module . maybe this one is going in the envelope (Peaks) direction

there is a picture in the comments of the teaser 2015 module (on facebook) that shows more. Left and right are two buttons, like the two peaks trigger buttons.
wait… maybe the teaser Module is the “replacing” Peaks module…

also Mr. Lightbath has a totally blurred instagramm clip but you can see these two buttons (green blinkin)

maybe im totaly wrong. I dont care too much…Im happy to see/feel/play Plaits live the next days…and as Olivier mentioned: Not days, but weeks…

Thank you Olivier and Team :bowing_man:


My fingers are crossed that it’s some bizarre take on a looping random module to be used with all of the other mutable modules that would benefit from some form of random inputs: Elements, Rings, Clouds, and now, Plaits.


Well, it is well documented that Olivier is (rightly) a fan of the envelope model used on the E-MU synths of the early 80s, and the Peaks (and Braids) envelope code is clearly designed to implement the very flexible and general E-MU model. We used the peaks envelope framework for the Piqued app in O&C, adding CV control and lots of bell-and-whistles and variations on the theme of vanilla ADSR - the framework makes that very easy, and makes it easy to make all sorts of looping envelopes (and thus pseudo-LFOs).

Of course, Dave Rossum has since made a module out of his E-MU envelope models, the Rossum Control Forge, but I suspect that it is almost too general. I looked at the manual and user interface for it and realised it would take a significant effort to understand it (I still want one, though, I love complexity!). It is possible that Cascades, or whatever the Peaks replacement model is called, may steer a middle ground between the vanilla simplicity of the Peaks envelopes, and the extreme complexity of the Rossum Control Forge.


There’s a new video by Lightbath that demonstrates some of the Plaits modes:

The video features an all Mutable rack, which the narrator says contains some as yet unreleased modules. Not surprisingly, those new modules are not shown directly, but it is clear that at one point the Ripples filter is being modulated by some sort of LFO or cycling envelope. And at about the 3:15 point in the video, we get a glimpse of a new module, to the right of the Clouds. The panel features that can be seen here don’t match any currently released MI module:

What can we see? Not much, but there is an illuminated button, and three coloured mode symbols containing, maybe different wiggly lines showing maybe different LFO modes, and a black mode selector button under that.

Other speculation or takes on this welcome - that’s the game!


i think this is the module from Facebook 2 years ago. looks like a renovation. 3 signs now horizontal. also in Mr. Devine Picture you see the horizontal signs instead of vertical.
what it does? :man_shrugging: