So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Not to get us too far off track, but my take on t2k and aroom’s comments was as a request to Olivier himself to not only post these tasty tidbits on the Mutables Facebook page - many of us visit this forum every day but Facebook never. Would just be nice to have the same info here for those of us skipping the FB. Perhaps a new thread called “the Facebook posts”…


I think anyone who has been around this forum long enough knows that Olivier does everything with intention. Everything from the angle at which a module is photographed to the platform where he chooses to talk about it is chosen. If it’s posted on FB and not here, then I think that’s all part of the plan.

To be on-topic, I had forgotten about that image. Ironically, back when that image came out, I was still very much into Eurorack. These days, I’ve sold almost all my eurorack and am more into groovebox-like things that are portable and that i can plug in and jam on here and there. Yet, I’m still excited to see what new things MI has to show us. I should jam on my shruthi this weekend…


I’m using Facebook because it has a combination of the following features:

  • People can easily subscribe to the content, and then unsubscribe.
  • It’s something people browse during “leisure time”, so I know that my post won’t displace or distract from more important stuff. For example, I don’t like newsletters because I don’t want to disturb people with updates through their email inbox.
  • It’s fairly easy to get comments/mini conversations going on, without being bothered by spam.
  • Resharing is easy.


If Facebook finally enforces their policy of requiring the owner of a “company” profile to register and post as a “person” profile, I’ll have to leave Facebook anyway. Having a personal Facebook profile doesn’t work for me.


But doesn’t this ironically mean that you yourself do not accept (Edit: or maybe like) the private terms required for your readers on Facebook?

I don’t mean to criticize, and I’m already on Facebook, but I found this curious.



I assume most of my readers don’t have the same need to compartmentalize their online identities as I do.


I imagine many do.


I totally respect and understand the want/need to separate private and job/commercial life, and like toneburst suggest I do think this is a universal need for many/most people.

I’ll stop nagging now :slightly_smiling_face:


These are the reasons I’m on THIS forum! :grin:


Back in my social media manager days, I had to admin pages with a personal account. I understand why they did it, but it was definitely a little bit of a pain. Especially when I left that job and had to un-add myself from all of the pages I was managing.


Same here. I dislike FaceBook intensely, but I’ve been forced by work to sign up, in order to manage the FaceBook page of a work-related project.

This is literally the Only reason I have an account, and I definitely wouldn’t be letting it get it’s dirty tentacles into my life otherwise.