So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Not to get us too far off track, but my take on t2k and aroom’s comments was as a request to Olivier himself to not only post these tasty tidbits on the Mutables Facebook page - many of us visit this forum every day but Facebook never. Would just be nice to have the same info here for those of us skipping the FB. Perhaps a new thread called “the Facebook posts”…


I think anyone who has been around this forum long enough knows that Olivier does everything with intention. Everything from the angle at which a module is photographed to the platform where he chooses to talk about it is chosen. If it’s posted on FB and not here, then I think that’s all part of the plan.

To be on-topic, I had forgotten about that image. Ironically, back when that image came out, I was still very much into Eurorack. These days, I’ve sold almost all my eurorack and am more into groovebox-like things that are portable and that i can plug in and jam on here and there. Yet, I’m still excited to see what new things MI has to show us. I should jam on my shruthi this weekend…


I’m using Facebook because it has a combination of the following features:

  • People can easily subscribe to the content, and then unsubscribe.
  • It’s something people browse during “leisure time”, so I know that my post won’t displace or distract from more important stuff. For example, I don’t like newsletters because I don’t want to disturb people with updates through their email inbox.
  • It’s fairly easy to get comments/mini conversations going on, without being bothered by spam.
  • Resharing is easy.


If Facebook finally enforces their policy of requiring the owner of a “company” profile to register and post as a “person” profile, I’ll have to leave Facebook anyway. Having a personal Facebook profile doesn’t work for me.


But doesn’t this ironically mean that you yourself do not accept (Edit: or maybe like) the private terms required for your readers on Facebook?

I don’t mean to criticize, and I’m already on Facebook, but I found this curious.



I assume most of my readers don’t have the same need to compartmentalize their online identities as I do.


I imagine many do.


I totally respect and understand the want/need to separate private and job/commercial life, and like toneburst suggest I do think this is a universal need for many/most people.

I’ll stop nagging now :slightly_smiling_face:


These are the reasons I’m on THIS forum! :grin:


Back in my social media manager days, I had to admin pages with a personal account. I understand why they did it, but it was definitely a little bit of a pain. Especially when I left that job and had to un-add myself from all of the pages I was managing.


Same here. I dislike FaceBook intensely, but I’ve been forced by work to sign up, in order to manage the FaceBook page of a work-related project.

This is literally the Only reason I have an account, and I definitely wouldn’t be letting it get it’s dirty tentacles into my life otherwise.


Here we have Richard Devine confirming what we already knew, that a replacement for Braids is on its way (Plaits, presumably):

And here’s a screen grab showing Plaits, obscured by pieces of yellow tape or Post-It notes:


I just noticed STM32F0/F3 files in stmlib and was about to post about it until I searched the forum and saw this:

So I’m now guessing after this post Olivier waited 10 months then pushed M0 files to github to distract from the monster additive algorithm which will be released on M7!


Yes, it will be interesting to see if any of the new modules use STM32M7 MPUs, as the latest Synthesis Technologies and Bitbox modules do. Then again, I suspect Olivier takes some pride in wringing the maximum amount of computation from the minimum CPU needed to get the job done.


There are M7/H7 projects in the works.

But the new modules are mostly F3, 50mA or so from the positive rail kind of things :slight_smile:


All this teasing is killing me :wink:
when are they coming out? please?


My new, marginally less unfounded guess is 400 glorious MHz of a replacement to Clouds’s spectral mode, with a more focused interface, but even more spectral (or ceptsral!) processing, and most importantly even more madness.


Won’t happen because of latency.


Ah, I remember “disastrous when put into a Eurorack case, because of latency and slow CV sampling rate issues” now. You mean STFT blocklength latency and Gabor limit issues?




Thanks @pichenettes, your openness is truly inspiring, on all fronts.

Regardless, I can’t wait to see what’s inside your brain that takes 400 MHz, or rather can’t be fit in to 168. Especially coupled with all the good things you’ve been saying about interface and specialization is very exciting!

To clarify: I think “I’m pretty sure we haven’t already explored all interesting DSP ideas that can be done with 100 MIPS, or even 10 MIPS.” is a good attitude to have, which is why I feel okay being excited about your ideas that take more!