So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


good to see some news here !! can’t wait to know what you cooking up for us, chef : )


My bet is that Marbles is somewhat related to a Japanese pachinko machine, or to a Galton quincunx. Both of those predictions are sufficiently vague to guarantee the appearance of at least partial prescience.


Hmmm, cascading envelopes, perhaps, with successive envelopes triggered after the attack phase of the preceding envelope, and variations thereof?


Ah, but so much more interesting it would be without the channel constricting their movement!


A long-overdue update to this thread, now that the next round of releases from MI draws nearer - let the idle speculation re-commence!

So, in this thread, Olivier commented, with respect to the track names on the album being discussed:

Achievement unlocked
Guessed the name of two upcoming modules

Picking up on that lead, I made some guesses:

I’m sure Olivier is being flippant here, but that notwithstanding:

Cascades = chained envelopes
Rattles = multi-percussion module
Floats = a digital version of Maths
Waits = trigger or audio delay lines
Shivers = a glitchy thing
Tenses = a play on tensors, a multi-dimensional vector sequencer?
Rests = a complex clocking module that adds rhythm
Looms = chord progression/counterpoint sequencer
Lifts = voltage offset utility module

to which Olivier replied:

Achievement unlocked
Guessed the name and function of an upcoming module

Then, in this thread about an updated Waldorf string synth, Olivier said:

Probably a 168 or 180 MHz F4 or F7 compared to the 72 MHz F3 they used on the original product.

BTW I figured out how they did it :slight_smile: Full polyphony and several saw+square “harmonics” per note, just for slightly more than the cost of 12 Polyblep oscillators. The code will be made available in a few months.

And so, putting these tidbits of information together, my guess is that one of the new MI modules will be called Looms and it will be a polyphonic voice module, using the efficient method for generating multiple band-limited waveforms to which Olivier refers. The name Looms makes sense, sticking to an Industrial Revolution theme, since we’ve had Braids and Warps, and Wefts doesn’t quite seem right.

My other wild guess, backed only by an inkling, is that another of the new modules will be Cascades, and it will be a complex envelope generator (or more likely, generators).


What’s about “Plaits”?


@pichenettes ETA for new modules still approximatively June/July ? :star_struck:
@Loomenwood Make me thing of “Plaid”. A coonfie yet hot module capable of great non-linear waveshaping with additive spikes. (only usable in winter though)


I thought it was mentioned on the forum somewhere that Plaits was a concept module that was already abandoned?


a few pictures of Richard Devines Setup showing a module with the name Plaits


I thought that pict had been posted here, but perhaps it was in a different thread? It wasn’t especially revealing though.


That facebook video of the bootup of the 6 output module with cycling leds really makes me think you’ve hit it with Cascades and chained envelopes.

My own guess for whatever module was in the video was a 6 channel looping random generator with some kind of channel interactivity.


there are some other pictures in the net too(not posted here) where you can see it.
we can speculate how much we want, in the end the mystery remains… :blush:

but in the end everybody knows that the wait was worth it


yeah, I suspected somewhere around a ‘just friends’ type vibe maybe…


any link of “that” picture ?



Please stop hiding things in Facebook.

EDIT: Tried to find a photo of a sad capybara but such a thing does not seem to exist.


I can’t agree with you more. Facebook is a vile commercial platform.

Anyone is free to use it - no judgment. But please, don’t source anything on it.

I just send a long email to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SSR) complaining about their non fair use of Facebook Live to broadcast small events. So sad :sleepy:


Facebook is the only place where that content, which another user requested, could be found…and which was posted by Olivier himself on the Mutable Instruments Facebook page.

So…tough luck!


Back on topic, that Facebook thread was updated as recently as 16 weeks ago, so it still seems to have some life to it. There was also a screenshot from Olivier that showed a purchase order for something called “module MARBLES v7.0”.

Olivier’s post stated on October 4, 2017:

“It’s in the pipeline! 6-7 weeks to get the first 20 units (pre-production run), then a couple weeks of hardcore testing, then 2-3 months for mass production…”

Not sure if that has since changed…but…


That would mean that there should be ~20 units out in the “wild” being tested right now.


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