So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici



I don’t know where you’re located, but i found these in germany:


@Thonk, that’s good to know. I remember back when I was young and naive (not that I’m not naive now, but I was far more naive back then) I PM you in MW being really pissed about you selling Tom’s Turing Machine ideas. Ha! What and a**hole I must’ve been.

Boy, I haven’t logged in this forum for so long it should be illegal. So, what are the happs ?


Olivier posted on MW, in a thread about Ears, these examples of alternation:

odd and even
map and reduce
manic and depressive
trek in turtuk and maintaining the infrastructure
moon and sun
fort and da
E and M

Pleasure principles notwithstanding, the context of the reference to E and M suggests that there will be a Mouths module. At that point, the sequence of Freudian stages should stop, I would suggest, at least as far as the names of Mutable modules is concerned.


A romper containing all presentations of Olivier?


@shiftr We did have an amazing time with the auto-translate in one of his videos. I’d definitely be interested if that was added somehow!


So now that Ears is out of the way, any clues as to when we might start saving our pennies for Shapes?


There’s no module called Shapes, and nothing will be released before at least 8 or 9 months.


My bad, I meant ‘Stages’. 8 or 9 months my bank balance can possibly cope with.


BennelongBicyclist> Advances in machine vision mean that Eyes can’t be far off

Too late! But they seem to be eyes in the Cambrian sense.


I just came across this video, which mentions in the notes that the patch comprises three voices, one of which is described as “…the sequence is Tides into Belgrad, into a secret (I’ll talk once it’s released), into Clouds into H9…”. Now, assuming all the modules used in the video are in the one rack that is shown (OK, that’s a big assumption…), then it would seem that the secret module is in the lower right of the rack, and we can glimpse just enough of it to see that it has Mutable branding…

Here’s another one, in which maker of the video, Lightbath, notes in a comment (in response to a question about what is on the two axes of a Planar joystick):

Belgrad filter cutoff and Clouds Texture on X, Clouds Feedback and mystery grit on Y. The mystery grit is a module that is still in Beta, so I can’t comment on that just yet.


Hope to see this mystery module unveiled at Superbooth!


The mystery module is not from Mutable Instruments, and I won’t have anything to unveil at Superbooth. Unless I break the rule of never announcing modules long before they are ready to ship - but… no. I really liked the way the 5 previous releases (Rings, Kinks, Veils, Blinds, Ears) have happened.


lol that’s my boy bryan repping my forthcoming new module. just started production so expect news soon \\o/


Well, there is one link between this module and mutable instruments though… :slight_smile:


cool design? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to it @float32


Assumption is indeed the mother of all…oh, never mind.


It’s ok, get it ready and then put it out, we all will wait and be pleased to see it finally. Just glad you will be getting out there in a public setting to show your brilliant modules.


From the push-turn-move book. Not new modules, but an interesting insight in how the interface develops over time.


Posted by Olivier on FB:

It’s in the pipeline! 6-7 weeks to get the first 20 units (pre-production run), then a couple weeks of hardcore testing, then 2-3 months for mass production…

…and the module name is Marbles

…so it is good to know that Olivier hasn’t lost his Marbles, after all…


Oh yeah - lets look for some hints again - I really was missing this thread!