So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Cool. The link also made me browse the old posts searching for more. I found this anushri development gem.


latigidon> FWIW, “stages” are also counted on step sequencers.

True, but look at the rooflines in the photo…


Things are not always as they appear!


latigidon> Things are not always as they appear!

Even on Baldwin St, Dunedin.


mmm, sequencer or reverb ?

I’d like both…


maybe mutiples rows of tiles suggest a multisequencer


If you point your browser at (which has been modified since my post above, BTW) and hover your mouse cursor over the image, the pop-up info says “peakpeak”. I’m sticking to my theory that it is an envelope generator.


That’s just the html image title. I’m not saying it’s not significant, but there’s no mystery about the popup tooltip message.



Yes, of course it is just the alt image tag, but why would it be “peakpeak” instead of “roofs” or “view over (village name)”? For Mutologists, every little detail encodes meaning [1].

[1] even if it doesn’t.


So, lf stages module will be added and if it’s an enveloppe generator, i suppose it will be far from rossum’s one, or maybe not☺️. Maybe it’s the beautifull leddy one we ve seen here


wavetable modulation / function generator? The image has peaks in the foreground, peaks in the background…


I’m curious as to whether stages will turn out to be the companion for Rings/Elements that was mentioned a few months back as I’ve never really found that I’m not so bothered about the amplitude shape I feed into Rings as the harmonic/inharmonic content, not saying it’s not a factor but not one that usually bothers me.

We’ve already got fairly regular MI envelopes from Peaks and Tides I guess but maybe this is an updated/expanded version of what Trails didn’t become.

Hurry up and let me give you my money either way…


@erstlaub I don’t think it will turn out to be the Rings companion module.



Hmmm…been thinking about the Rings/Elements “companion” and wondering if maybe…juuuuust maaaaaaybe…it’s simply the exciter half of Elements broken off for those who may wish to have “both” (and with additional functionality???).

Perhaps the call for users with both was for the purposes of accurate comparison and not intended specifically for use with Elements (though, perhaps it could still be used in that context by exploiting the respective EXT IN’s in conjunction with the pre-exisiting exciter portion)…

Just thinking out loud here…

No clue re: Stages, though. But I’m profoundly intrigued nonetheless. I do hope it’s a modulation source, however.


My money is on something like the Quantum Rainbow that has a bunch of different flavours of noise to be fed in as impulses (because that’s what I use my QR2 for loads) but I wait with fully baited breath.


//checks calendar, notices it’s September.


Just came to check something in a manual and saw the MI site was down. Got a little too excited but seems to be no change. Im also thinking some random source… that waveshape array thing posted a while back reminds me a little of the noise section of Kaivo


I’m also really interested to find out more about this! Between Tides and Peaks I have a slightly hard time thinking it’s an envelope, at least a relatively straightforward one. Whatever it is, I’m guessing it’ll be imbued with some kind of magic that’ll make me suddenly have less money.


I guess a quad slope (that can also possibly cascade if you want them to for making complex envelopes like the A143-1/2) would logically pair nicely with Blinds and Veils?