So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


Maybe a Qua… is a combo of Trails (envelop generator) and Veils (Vca). That would be a killer!


Hmm… No, tell a lie… Likely not a name change after all. I just compared some packaging I have here to the picture above, and now it all makes sense ; )

“Qua” is NOT part of the name of the module…


> “Qua” is NOT part of the name of the module…

that’s what i said. it’s part of the module description, not of its name…


^ True! Sorry, missed that…


I know what the bottom box is.
The top one is presumably the other module released to beta-testers at the same time.



I had assumed that was Veils, when I saw the photo, but I guess not.



Well the icon doesn’t match Trails picture


Trails was abandoned, remember, so whatever is in the top box isn’t that.



In case anybody has not yet caught the discussions over on MW…




Ah, so Veils wasn’t ditched, then…
I had Blinds.



two phase-locked tides + one blinds = modulation monster.


The 2 PCB picts posted somewhere above… One is clearly Blinds… What is the one below it? Because it doesn’t look like Veils


the second one looks like trails (check 6 posts above)


You need seven of them…


Your Majesty, it was one of Wilde’s.


Multi-stage envelopes, anyone?





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Be ready bravely and without remorse
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Serenely let us move to distant places
And let no sentiments of home detain us.


Stages? I remember a long time ago pichenettes mentioned having a dream about measuring the reverb response of older theaters and music venues. No idea if the name Stages has anything to actually do with that, but I am biased towards guessing that it is a reverb module.


FWIW, “stages” are also counted on step sequencers.