So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici


haha. Yes that one i guess i got fooled by reinstalling my facebook app on my phone…




Quarts or Quads are my guesses.


For those who wisely avoid the walled garden that is FB:

with the explanatory text:

New stuff coming soon… I will lift the veil once all the palettes have been received and it’s ready to ship to dealers… Don’t be blinded by the love and anticipation… these will be basic (but super useful!) analog utilities, in the vein of Kinks, Links or Shades.

“Qua…” is unlikely to be a pitch CV quantiser if it is basic and analogue in nature. Nor does it make sense to do an analogue quad LFO, when you could do so much more for a similar cost digitally. But a quad mixer or panner, yes, and the logo for it might be consistent with that. So my guess is “Quadrants”. Who knows what the other one might be?


Both of these have 4 channels, and both appear to be analogue:



“Quanta” could be a chance to break the naming convention of plural nouns ending in “s.”



Yes, but an analogue quantiser is a sample & hold, and that’s just been done in Kinks. And it makes no sense to build an analogue pitch CV quantiser.


Quasars, noise source/pulse gen?


note that ‘qua’ isn’t part of the module’s name (which would be located next to the logo, not underneath it), but of the description of its function.
(just as “me” in “meta-modulator” on warps’ packaging, for example)


Hehe, okay :). So a quad something then.


The PCB footprints don’t seem to include any LM13700s but only comparators /opamps in various shapes and sizes. So I’m guessing there’s no VCA-like functionality included here. A voltage controlled slew limiter could be possible. But would you need 4 of them in a module? I guess not.


That top PCB looks a hell of a lot like the Veils module that we saw in the Moogfest case. But since that’s not coming out…


Ah, that will be the ‘other one’ (i.e. the one I didn’t get) from the last-but-one beta distribution.



Top one above isn’t Veils, but something very similar, I think.



@mic.w, yes, of course, you are completely correct! So not called “Qua…” but it is definitely a quad something.


Second module could be a surround mixer/pan module, maybe.
IN which case, ‘Quadrants’ would make sense as a name.



well i wasn’t saying that it’s not called “qua” something.
all i was saying is that the “qua” that you see in the picture is part of the module’s desciption, not of its name.
but it still could be a quad or quantizing something or other called “quarantaines”, “quagmires” or “quangos”. :slight_smile:


Hmm… Im a bit confused about these… Olivier… Did you change the name of 1 or more of them, by any chance?


Ah… hadn’t thought of that…



Top PCB looks like Veils, botten PCB looks like Trails, both cancelled.