So, about that "Linnstrument"

Looks like it’s going to be the hardware Push/Grid sampler/controller that everyone wishes existed:

Kinda under the radar video- even a working P12 desktop.


Looks like it’s going to be expensive and USB/Midi only…

Still, seems to be expressive enough. But yeah, I fear the cost… Nice to see that controllers are alive and well, resurrect poly-AT in a non toy-keyboard form factor too please!

Haha, DSI disabled adding comments & ratings to their latest videos.

Damn. I was really looking forward to an intelligent discussion about the new machines!

I saw this years ago! its come some way - its gonna be hell expensive! I doubt theyll release it under the DSI brand - Id say theyll use Linninstruments if they release it. WOW!

There are loads of alternative controllers … i’ve never seen any be succesfull. To me this doesn’t look like one of the best because there doesn’t seem to be any tactile response or tactile interface…

Another Haken Continuum-type of controller.

The more the merrier.

I say that the first to be sub-1000 usd will be a winner.