Snap mode bug?

I notice that although I have Snap mode on, quite often the settings still jump as soon as I move the knobs, despite not going anywhere near the value the setting is currently at.
It will do it from first power up. IE, if I move the knobs when the Mutable Instruments splash screen is still there, the settings jump. If I go to some other pages, then come back to the default filter page, then everything behaves normally again. It doesn’t just happen after power up though… Other things seem to trigger it also, but it’s hard to say exactly what. However it does seem to do it after a program change message is received. Then whatever page I am on behaves as if Snap mode is off, until I go to some other page, where it behaves normally again.

I only noticed this as of 0.95 it may have done it before then? But if it did, I really didn’t notice.

I will have a look. The way snap mode is implemented: whenever you navigate to a new page, it looks at the current value of the 4 parameters on screen, and set up “thresholds” that must be crossed for the knobs to be active again. I think that changing any of the parametersthrough another mean (SysEx, program change, NRPN) will not refresh the snap mode threshold.

I guess that makes sense then :slight_smile: Although I imagine it would be tricky to iron out, if it is even possible at all.