SMT Soldering – It’s easier than you think!

New comic book 'bout SMT Soldering , thought some of you might like it…

Ok now I must to solder the little eye on the Wolf, what about the direction??

If you use a multimeter across it then the LED will light up in one direction.

Hey…No the problem is not the pcb, I speak about that strange SMD led (is the led that is all black)… :S

Post a photo? Have you removed it from its packaging?

Is that black surface a package??? I’m newbie with SMT and maybe I’m a little blind???

Here’s a photo:

Yes, it’s the packaging. The little bulge with the green dot contains the LED itself.

Hahaha incredible…I’m blind…SMT is not for me… :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Could you please post a photo of your board? The silkscreen should not cover the pads for the SMT LED.

I’ve just receive my components from Reichelt to build my 4PM Shruti…What about that SMD Led? (for the eye of the Wolf on the pcb) ?? I don’t see the terminals…is all black WTF??? mmm…

I like it for some quick-n-dirty prototyping. Look ma, no holes to drill! But the teeny tiny work is the downside. Let’s make something that requires lead trimming, drilling and tiny parts. Pick-up line not be to be used this summer rimshot

There are a lot of advantages with SMD, like not having to bend and cut all those legs, and I think what is most putting people off are BGAs and closed pitched TQFPs, and possibly the even harder to read markings.

its all about solder paste. I dont think I have touched my spool since getting a syringe of the chip quick water based stuff. Works like a charm and I just toss it into the ultrasonic to get a professional clean, finish

Nice find! I like SMD but I have to do it occasionally at work… Guess we’ll see more SMT DIY in the future, but for now it seems people are scared.