SMT Soldering and Soldering Iron choice

Hello MI boardies;

I have an ERSA 920BD 25W, ( Max 450c and no heat adjustment ) Soldering Iron which helped me to put several Mutable Instruments DIY projects together nicely.

Now new projects that I am interested in requires little SMT soldering which I assume I can deal with hoof or drag techniques.

Do you think ?

hoof or drag techniques can be performed ERSA 920BD 25W ? or
better to invest HAKKO FX 888d which everybody talks about and admire it.

cant go wrong with the 888 but if you can get a super fine tip for whatever you are using, try that first. Ignore any cludge techniques, lots of flux and just a tiny bit of solder on the tip of your iron is all you need. Get some fine pitch practice boards and get your skills up on those first. Drag techniques are for cavemen, you’ll get solder up between the legs up high where it isnt easy to clean out or good for the chip. I dont even touch the pad with the wire, just a bit tinned on the tip is enough to do 8 or so pins

Can’t go wrong with an OKI Metcal either. I used one at a friend’s place and now I’m a convert! Gotta go peruse EvilBay if there’s any used bargain out there.

All you need for SMT soldering is: good flux, solder wick (to remove the solder when you applied too much) and a pair of fine tweezers.
EDIT: Oh, and patience!