SMT challenge?

Hi all of you.
I know Midipal is already built now.
But if I want soon or later to take the risk and built it as a kit and experiment SMt soldering,
can MI accept to buy me one as a full kit?


If it is just SMT practise you need why not sign up for a GM5x5x5 board here.

A little bird told me that a very limited number of some GM5 chips will be soon available , however I am sworn to secrecy exactly as to how and why. I am getting two boards, and the chips will follow. I will keep you informed.

Given that everything will have to be bought in small quantities, given the labor involved (more than 1 hour end to end placing orders, checking for equivalents, receiving them and packing the kit), I think doing a one-off for you Denis would result in a very very expensive kit.

Thanks Fitvideo and Pichenettes
I understand…:slight_smile: