Smrl case design rev. 2 compatible with Shruthi-1?

Hi All,

I’m about to take the plunge and order a Shruthi-1 kit, the demo’s sound really great!

I’ve been looking around for case ideas, and really like smrl’s design ( I have a few questions though:

1) Has anyone successfully built revision 2 in Bamboo? How well does the top fit on and what methods have people used to secure it?

2) Is the rev. 2 design compatible with the Shruthi-1, as it looks like it was originally designed for the Shruti-1?

3) Does anyone have any other words of wisdom before I go for it?



This case is not for the Shruthi-1.

Maybe the Blacky Case is what you are looking for?

Hey, thanks for the replies guys, probably should have taken a closer look at that case as it’s clearly not Shruthi-1 compatible! Blacky looks great though, are the plans available for that one?



You dont need plans to ponoko it yourself, just ask Olivier :wink:

The design (looks wow) is not mine, its for the shruti-1 and it was quite difficult to keep closed. The bracing ans screw tabs revision didn’t work well with straight bamboo as it likes to break along the grain. The multi-directinal play bamboo fixes that. I also made my wires too long, clearance was very very snug due to the angle. Its running, but I ended up using gorilla glue.