SMR4 voicecard mod to Lp2+diodes

HI. I like Shruthi-1 Lp2+delay filter so recently moded SMR4 voicecard to that it can be switched between smr4 and lp2+diode mode.
It required quad channel analog switch so I used MC14551. Has anyone else had the experience with this MC14551 switch ?
I’ve wired up everything without IC and it works but I will order batch of PCB’s and just wanted to make sure is MC14551 right for audio applications.
I used smd package because through hole is obsolete.
Switching between smr4 and lp2diode mode is done by changing lp > bp mode in AMBIKA menu.
I’ll appreciate any comments and feedbacks.

Sound very cool! What do you mean with +diode? Saturation perhaps?

> through hole is obsolete

I like SMD as well but you’ll find most people don’t think so. Why go for a TH board with one single SMD package that prevents many from building your mod?

Hi. There’s 6 diodes in resonance (6+2, I made room for extra 2 just for different taste but could be bridged if needed)
Circuity is taken from lp2+delay. That’s why SMR4+Diode.
First idea was to use DIP package but finally due to lack of stock went in SOIC . Using SMD >>TH adaptor ends up with soldering small smd IC anyway and increases costs .
C22 needs to be replaced by wire link, otherwise it will self oscillate even without playing any note. It doesn’t make any difference in resonance sound, maybe a little bit. But then I can’t get the board to self oscillate when cutoff is to64 and resonance 63 ( both oscillators set to off). Don’t want to change original circuit to much , want to maintain SMR4 and Lp2+delay sound character as much as possible.

really nice idea!
why don’t use the CD4052 like in the SVF filterboard?
Or doesn’t it have enough channels?