SMR4 Voicecard distorted sound

When i plug my smr4-voicecard in the ambika i get a distorted sound from all voicecards out of the main output. The single-outs work fine ( with the exception of the smr4-out).
What happened prior to this was: I plugged it in with the pins of the card all moving up 1 slot on the connector.
Stupid? I know!
So my initial thought is to replace the ICs, but perhaps someone has a better idea or some suggestions to narrow the problem down.

Remove all the voicecards and insert the faulty one. Does it work? It’s not clear if your problem is a faulty voicecard, or a problem with the mixer when too many voices are active at the same time…

When only the (presumbly) faulty card is inserted i get next to no sound out of the main output and very low volume out of the single out.
When another card is inserted its the same except that the single-out of the good card gives me good sound and high volume and the mainout gives me the distorted (and kind of cut) sound