SMR4 Voicecard assembly and components question


I’m assembling a series of SMR4 voicecard for my Ambika and I have 2 small questions :

  • For C1 and C21 , 4.7µF can I use 350V capacitors in place of 35V ?
  • I’m desesperaly searching these 2 1x6 female header ? -> i need 10 of these
    … i don’t want to pay 20 euros for shipping :frowning:

Can a “good will angel” help me for this ?
I live in Brussels and ready to pay for the piece + stamp … of course

Best regards

C1 and C21: yes, but are you sure you are using bipolar capacitors (haven’t seen any with such a large voltage rating).

Regarding the headers: buy quantity = 1 of the spare parts item on the shop and I’ll ship some.

Thanks Olivier
I have two version of these 4.7µ
350V … a little bigger than the one supplied in the kit
50V … a little smaller

I attach a pic
What do you think is the best ?

50v will work like a charm

I recommend you to use bipolar (non-polarized) caps as specified on the BOM.

they look like this: no positive / negative sides = non polarized / bipolar