SMR4 mods, switch reference


I would like to make the pole selector and additional filter modes mods to the shruthi smr4 mkii filter. Thing is i have a hard time finding the right switches . I understood that i need a toggle switch for the pole selector mod and a SPDT switch for the filter modes. When i look at the farenell or other website, i find hundreds of those, i am not sure what to choose. I am looking for those on an european store. I plan to mount them on the acrylic case.

Can someone point me to the right ones for those two switches ? thank you.

Found the MS 166 and MS 167 from reichelt, spdt on on and spdt on off on. I think it is ok.

Should be perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the Shruthi SDE mods

If so, don’t you need a two-pole/six-way rotary switch? Something like this

I was referring to the standard mods found at the end of the assembly process,

Didn’t know about those SDE mods, i will check that link, thanks !

Ah, I didn’t know about the “standard” mods… I have two SMR4mk2 Shruthi - I’ll do the minimal “standard” mods on one and the full SDE mods on the other, I think. Thanks for pointing out that link!

By the way, where can i find caps for the buttons ? i am trying to source them for a 4pm assembly, and digikey is crazy insane shipping cost to france !

Yeah i tried mouser, but it is the same, 20 euro shipping cost for less than a 2 euro cart :frowning:

Tried looking with no luck, can’t find them but only in the US …

Once you pool parts for multiple projects up to some approx 60€ you get free shipping. Hence, put those down on your list, add things like OLED or Kyocera LCD displays or other parts that may be of interest and voila - no more shipping cost.

If black keycaps are fine I actually have a bunch I could sell you at cost.

Thank you André from Tubeohm, sold me some :smiley: Will take advice from you guys next time, thing is i only need those, no other project to bluid for the moment !

Thanks Jojjelito :slight_smile: