smr4 mkII resonance out of range

hi there just built another wonderful shruthi but when i come to tune it the self oscillation is too high to tune effectively, even with the trim pot all the way down the self oscillation frequency is too high are there any resistors i should check?

The self oscillation tone frequency should depend on the note you play and on the cutoff setting on the synth.

What is the value of the cutoff setting? Which note do you play?

self oscillation disappears at cut off 55 playing c4

Show a photo of your board. You probably have swapped resistors somewhere…

checked my resistors all seem fine heres my board sorry for the mess

The resistor just right of C19, is it 4.7k or 47k?

many thanks was 4.7k should be 47k you must have seen a lot of these to pick that out sooo quick. thanks again