SMR4 Mk11 Filter not working

Just started using my SMR4 mk11 after some time and the filter seems to have stopped working. All I am getting is a very loud zipper noise. There also seems to be a lot more hiss. I didn’t build this, I bought it from synthengineering and am not very au fait with electronics. Does it sound like a major problem or is there something I can do?

It can be anything from just a bad connection to total failure. You should contact Synthengineering since they build it (and made money from it) - if you have no clue in electronics we else would have to teach you the very basics……

Been onto him and he’s going to fix it for free. Good service eh?

Nope. Normal, expected behavior.

12 months warranty surely?

Plus isn’t it 24 months in the EU?

Doesn’t matter that it is a handmade item, it still needs to be fit for purpose unless sold as a used item.