SMR4 : Firmware not loading on bootup (Solved)

I am close to finish my second Ambika. The last voicecard has a recurent issue where the LEDs are on but really low. I can usually resolve the issue by re-burning the firmware to the Atmega but it doesn’t seem to be the case : LEDs light as normal to then switch to the low state 0.5 second later.

I can’t really put my finger on what exactly is the issue.
Though, I notice that IC4 pin 13 is at 0.6V. Other VCs are at 0.
I think there might be a short somewhere, I reflowed everything, replaced the socket of the Atmega, changed the Atmega for another one.
I removed all of the ICs as well except the Atmega.

Here are pictures of the board.

Anybody experienced this before?

EDIT : Welp, that was the most idiotic error I’ve done so far. The jumper was SLIGHTLY too much on the left of the center pin. If it happens to you, check the jumpers. Don’t be like me.