SMR4 2pole self oscillation on older boards

i just learnt that the V0.7 boards provide self oscillation in 2 pole mode- is there a way to hack my V0.5 Austerlitz veteran board, maybe flying wires/ components, to do that too? i’d even cut traces, even… maybe even RTFM myself hehe

I dont have the schematics on hand but it sounds like the feedback path is taken from the output pole selector jumper. If you hardwire the feedback source to the output of the 4th pole it should oscillate in both modes. Sorry I cant be more specific!

Yes, paperCUT is correct. On the v0.5, the feedback was taken from the the pole selection jumper, so it has the wrong polarity. On the v0.7, the feedback is always taken from the 4 pole position to get the right polarity.

The schematics for both versions are available here:


thanks guys!