SMR MK2 filter BOM

I noticed an omission on Olivier’s BOM for TL074s : we need two instead of one. I have a mouser cart available for anyone interested.

That document?

It says two.

Were you looking at something else?

I checked on the BOM like 4 days ago when soldering, and I swear I read 1.
EDIT : I read it on the Shruthi+SMR BOM here
I feared this was mk1, but then I got my relif when I read “Shruthi SMR4 mkII filter v0.8 PCB” at the bottom of the table. I was sure I was right buying an extra TL074 because there are two mentionned (IC4/IC7) and in the end, there was one empty DIP16 socket that was feeling alone.
Now I compared both BOMS and noticed just one more difference : R9 on one side, and R4/5/6/7 (but only 1 x 20K trimmer) on the other.

Fixed the XT BOM!