Smr bandpass?

im under the assumption that i can use a bandpass filter with the smr filterboard that came with the shruthi kit that i ordered off of the site. I am not sure on how to do such a thing, however i do remember recently seeing different filter mode selections in the menu of my shruthi. At first i thought that i only had a 2 and 4 pole lpf and now i am discovering that i think i also have a bandpass? How do i use the bandpass with the smr filter if there is one?

SMR4 is a LP board. See table:

There are some mods, but they won’t be controlled with the menu, see Additional filter modes

Thank u

@sheymonks these mods are pretty awesome. I highly recommend them.

Ok I am going to attempt to do these mods…the resistor I’m sure of but the switches I am not…does it have to be those two kinds of exact switches?

Hmm I can’t remember specifically, but it’s explained in the wiki.

The filter mode selector switch has to be a SPDT center off (on-off-on) and the 2/4 pole switch has to be a SPDT (on-on). Other than that, anything goes.

I got it working and man do I love it!