SMR-4 Sidekick For Sale

With regret, I’ve decided to sell my Sidekick. It’s a great little box, but I can’t ever see myself using it much, and I need the money, unfortunately.
This example has an SMR-4 filter board, and is probably unique in that the enclosure is a hybrid of Shruthi-1 and Sidekick panels. It has the bottom, honeycomb sides and front of a Shruthi-1 case, and the top and back panels of the standard Sidekick enclosure.

It works perfectly, as you can hear in this example .

I’m looking for £150 sterling for it, plus delivery. I’m in the UK, but can post abroad.


With no regret… i bought it.

Sorry, yeah, should have said. Haven’t been here for a few days.
Thanks, man, hope you have fun with it :slight_smile: