SMR-4 no sound

i have finish my shurity today :slight_smile: all work pefectly screen knobs ect…
but i have no sound… so i search on forum what the probleme i found this:

i have read all subject about this probleme but i dont understand a lot english …

it’s possible to teste withaout audio but wise voltage checker?
or i apsolutly need to check wise audio? and how?

and for hear sound it’s indipensable to play midi not???

ground -->1 2, 49v
ground -->2 0.01v…
after all 0.01v probleme is here?

Playing MIDI note is required, and you need to test with either an audio jack or with a scope.

i dont understand why i need play midi note, i have thinck this synt can play sound without midi, im fals?
i dont have midi keyborde, i only have other midi machine, like dsi evolver ect…

if i sent midi sequence wise a jomox 888 i can chose note normaly it work?

There is a “test note” mode to trigger a C4 note or start the sequencer (hold S1 for a long time). But at boot the synth does not emit any sound, you need to do something to make it play a note!

Stupid question but do you have a jumper on the 2/4 pole header?

so wise test mode it work /D thx for your help, sorry for noob atitude :slight_smile: