SMR-4 mkII Step 5: Power supply testing

“A Ban(d)ana Chart always the truth tells” Master Yoda™

First, excuse me for my bad english. I’ve make the power supply test for the smr4-mk2 filter board. All the red point measures are 5, but all the green point are 0. I check the regulators and capacitors polarities. And the LM7805 and LM7905 are in the good place.
I don’t know what to do now. Any idea?

Is the LT1054 oriented the right way (notch to the right side) ?

I don’t have put the ic in yet, so stupide, i will test this know thanks

The 1054 generates the negative voltage so no 1054, no -5V

Know all is good, thank you so much for your help!
And sorry, i could have test this before.

Thanks for the info, we learn every day. Know i think i’m going to try to concentrate a bit more.

Ah, you didn’t break anything or soldered the 7805 7905 Regulators wrong so you have a already missed the worst positions in the ShruthiVersums Caste System