Smr-4 mkII filter BP1 BP2 help

i am trying to get the bp modes switch to work, i dont quite understand the explanation in the instructions, has anyone got a picture of how they did theres ? (sorry for been a noob) every thing else works fine as it should few


Maybe this helps:

thanks guys :slight_smile: once agian sorry for the anoying noob questions

thought with the switch i would be able to togle Bandpass on and off but i guess i cant.

I think he’s referring to the extra modes BP1 and BP3 modes, but there’s not much I have to add besides what is explained in the documentation. And I don’t have any photo to show.

oops. my mistake

normaly you select 2 or 4 poles by a jumper which connects the middle pin of the “poles selector terminal” to one of the outer pins
a SPDT switch also happens to have 3 pins. when you toggle the switch, the middle pin gets connected to one of the outer pins.

so by connecting the switch to the pole selector terminal, you can switch between the modes.