Smr-4 MK2 board capacitor (c1)


I’m not 100% sure if I need the optional capacitor on position C1. I bought the complete kit, but I don’t fully understand the textbelow the photo. (I’m just a hobby technician…). The reason why I asked is, because I accidentally destroyed this capacitor. Thank you very much

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This Cap helps the LT1054 Chip to generate the negative Voltage, its very “Quick” (has a very low ESR). Its recommended in the Reference Circuit from the Datasheet of the LT1054 which is from rather ancient times as normal Electrolytic Caps had a rather high ESR, so this Tantalum Cap was added. Nowadays all electrolytic Caps have sufficient low ESR so you could as well go without it. You anyway will order sometime some more PArts (c’mon you know you are already addicted to DIY…) so you can safely use your Shruthi and add this Cap sometime…