SMR-4 MK1 vs SMR-4 MK2

Hey, longtime lurker here so I decided to finally sign in :slight_smile:

I have the opportunity to get a Shruthi-1, fully assembled. I didn’t contact the seller yet but I can tell from the picture that the firmware is v0.97. He says it’s fully working, but in the description it says that the filterboard is the SMR-4 MK1. Afaik, this revision of the filterboard is discontinued.

So I’m opening this thread to ask what the differences are between the SMR-4 MK1 and SMR-4 MK2. Which one is better, do they sound the same etc.?

Hope you can helpt me out :slight_smile:


They sound the same, the SMR4 mkI is just harder to build.

thanks for the quick answer!