SMR-4 mk 1 Output Impedance

Studio question… Can anyone tell me the output impedance from the SMR-4 mk 1? I’d like to match it to a nice pre amp for recording.

The shruthi is quite hot on the outputs, so not sure why you would need a pre-amp ? :slight_smile:

We’re in the realms of signals, not power. You’re connecting a resistive output to a resistive input (unless there’s some magic in your pre-amp), so impedance matching has to be avoided. Unless you want to lose 6dB of gain from the Shruthi output, and get its TL074s hot… The Shruthi output impedance is less than 100 ohm, the input impedance of your pre is going to be at least 10k. The higher the ratio, the better indeed.

Interesting read.

V'cent Yes I know! Quite hot. But I still want to get it into a recording at optimal fidelity...pichenettes thanks. Yes balanced line ins on my pres are all in the 10k ballpark so that’s great. I just want to be informed because I’ve noticed a lot of variation in impedance between devices in the studio and have managed to get a lot more quality out of my recordings by paying attention. Having a pretty newb understanding of how the pwm output of the Shruthi works compared to a synth with a DAC, I wanted to know that I’m not losing any fidelity anywhere. Thanks guys.

I use the term “matching” incorrectly here. I’m accustomed to talking about ribbon mics, contact mics and condensers.

What do you mean then?