SMR-4, MIDIpal in video soundtrack

Here’s a short video recorded in the British Columbia interior with a soundtrack featuring the SMR-4, MIDIpal and Monotribe:

so basically you play music under the sky in order to comunicate with ufo??? and they answers you by sending lights

so wonderful! i may give it a try

The other day, a friend went at home, I was playing with my shruti and my reaction was: I’m talking with the alien.
Is this a normal reaction?

flo - the audio was added in post-production. Unlike the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there was no giant rack of synthesizers in the canyon. The UFOs are evidently responding to the light signals.

HeRtEk - that is a very interesting reaction. Maybe other members of the board will agree that playing these instruments is similar to what a person would experience while talking with an alien (but I wouldn’t know anything about that).

Thanks to nearly 8800 views in only five days, this video is now positioned to become the most viewed Mutable Instruments-related “Shruthi-1 synthesizer” video on YouTube. Happy Birthday Bob Moog!

all i can say from my numerous experiences as an abductee i’ve never encountered musical treatment of any kind, nor had any attempts been made to approach me vocally, but it was still …terribly awesome
edit: nice video and sounds!

rosch - It wasn’t the music that took you away?

Yeah I concur with Rosch. It’s never musical treatment. It’s always the anal exam. Always.

Hello aliens? WTF is up with the anal obsession?

I think aliens listen to country music.

anyway I didn’t get the link between the music and the ufo’s responding to it. But I’m not even sure I was supposed to get it. I did really appreciate the music though! :slight_smile: