SMR-4 Filter PCB Free To A Good Home

I have a SMR-4 (Mk.1) PCB going spare, if anyone wants it.
You pay postage (at cost).


i want it please please! i’m just making order component for polivoks and gorf so wait to know if it’s ok for it! bye!

no problem.
It’s not for doing now.
I had one in the past, and i think it was my better loved filter board. Better than cem or ssm for me. Actually have a svf, and soon a polivoks. it will not be builded immediatly…

Polivoks is brilliant. Too many filters sound very similar and the Polivoks is really different.

I know what you mean 6581punk. I’ve sold my SMR-4- not because I don’t like it, but because I already have the IR3109 filter board, and the two are quite similar. The SVF, Polivoks and Digital Filter boards have distinctly different sounds, though.


Still holding out for the MS-20 filter though :wink:


bad entry

Comb filter would be nice, but they’re not very musical.

doesn’t matter if musical or not, as long as it can be built.
nice idea

thanks… i’m so dumb… bye

You get +/- comb filters on the Digital Filter Board. Your wish has come true.

i finally won’t build this card as i now have a mk2…

so second turn of the game! you just pay the postage bye

erased - wrong thread

is the board still available? If so, whisper me yer info for postage payment!

So, this board is now making it’s way across the pond to me. Quite an adventure it’s been on. Thanks toneburst & flo. I will take photos of it when it’s complete!

Good to see it going to a(nother) good home.