SMR-4 Filter Board Trimpots


I’m pretty much done the board however I have come to the Trimpot on the following filter board. I’ve put the 3 pins in but when I come to the fitting the trimpot it seems so loose am I missing anything? Do I need to apply force to fit the trimpot?? I stuck as when I turn the device upside down it falls off.

Any help please?


We’re talking about this part? It should be blue and it doesn’t fall if you solder it. Is this a self-source build?

no my bad it a pink thing that goes on the poles 4 & 2 its small and pink with some sort of par across it.

This one

Try squeezing it a bit with pliers?

So that bar is post to be bent is that right??? :0)

does anyone know what part it is?

That part is the jumper to select 4pole or 2pole modus. If it falls off you can try to bend the legs where it fits on a little bit outward. Just a litlle bit so it will go on easy but won’t fall of.

YOu can get one in any obsolete computer / harddrive / ITequipment